Mannheim Taxi Rates

In addition to the basic fee, our tariffs are graded according to the distance from your destination. You can find an indication of our fees in the following overview.

Within the compulsory driving areas of the individual company headquarters in Germany, the fare commitment to the taxi tariff of the respective tariff regulations applies. Accordingly, the following prices apply to Mannheim:

Services Price
start  3,50 Euro
Price per kilometer up to 2 km  2,90 Euro
Mileage price over 2 km each  1,80 Euro
Waiting time per hour    30 Euro
Large-capacity surcharge from (7 people)  5,00 Euro
Baggage surcharge per piece  frei
Wheelchair, stroller, Seeing Eye Dog  frei
according to the Taxi Ordinance of the City of Mannheim from April 15th, 2015

For journeys beyond the tariff area, we can agree a fixed price with you.


Price list for 1-4 people

Mannheim (Central Station) to      from
Frankfurt Central Station  140€
Stuttgart Central Station  180€
Bad Dürkheim/Marketplace  60€
Frankenthal Central Station  40€
Heidelberg Central Station  55€
Speyer Central Station  55€
Speyer Dom  65€
Hockenheim Central Station  50€
Heidelberg City  65€
Heidelberg Schloss  65€