Medical transport

“Regulation of a patient transportation”

  • journeys not subject to authorization

The trips that do not require a permit include all trips to a hospital or rehab / spa stay, as well as the return trip on discharge.

For pre- and post-inpatient examinations, if you shorten or even avoid an inpatient stay, the journeys will also be taken over by your health insurer 5 days before admission and up to 14 days after discharge without prior approval.

In addition, trips to outpatient operations and the associated preliminary and follow-up examinations (5 days before and up to 14 days after the operation date) are not subject to approval.

The prerequisite for all trips mentioned is the “prescription of a patient transport” from your doctor.

  • trips requiring a permit

The journeys subject to authorization include all journeys for permanent or high-frequency treatment, e.g.

1. radiotherapy
2. chemotherapy
3. dialysis treatment
4. other treatments that last at least twice a week for at least 6 weeks

Journeys to outpatient visits to the doctor are generally not covered by your health insurance.

There are also exceptions for such trips:

If you have at least care level 2 or if you have a severely handicapped ID with at least one of the “aG”, “Bl” or “H” marks, you are entitled to use a taxi for outpatient visits to the doctor after prior approval from your health insurance company. As with the journeys subject to authorization, the “prescription of a patient transport” from your doctor is also necessary here.