Frequently asked Questions / FAQ

What types of transportation are available?

That is entirely up to you, because we not only offer airport transfers, but all types of passenger transport. Whether shuttle service, trade fair transfer, business trips, taxi service or even rental car service.
We have the right solution for all requirements.

How can I book a transfer?

This is easily done using our booking mask. You can make price inquiries at any location and then book directly. If a town is not yet in our database, just send us a short email. We will respond as soon as possible with an offer and add the location to our database for future inquiries.

What happens after booking?

After booking, you will always receive confirmation from us that your booking has been successfully received. Should your booking raise any further questions, we will contact you again by phone. You will then receive the booking confirmation from us with all dates for collection. Therefore, always make sure that you enter your email address correctly.
A chauffeur will then pick you up at the address provided or wait for you at the meeting point with our company sign.

What if my dates change?

If dates change and your pick-up date has to be postponed, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can schedule the change.

What if the driver doesn’t show up?

Very rarely, for example, a driver is late due to the traffic situation. In these cases, we will of course also try to reach you. However, if you have not received a call within 5 minutes of the agreed date, please contact us on this number: +49 (0) 621 1520 76 76.

By when can I book my transfer at the latest?

You can generally book up to 24 hours before your pick-up. If you want to be picked up in less than 24 hours, please contact us by phone (see contact details below).

Do we book a bulk transfer or direct transfer?

Direct transfers (own time and direct trip to and from the airport). Regardless of whether people (our customers) could still ride with you, you and your family (friends) will be transported as an individual customer for the journey to the airport.